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The HP-92 was the business/financial model of the series and featured an improved Time Value of Money solver that could compute any of the basic five financial values given four known values. (For many problems, only three known values were needed.) It also provided depreciation using declining balance, straight line, or sum-of-the-years-digits methods and accounted for book value and salvage value.
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Like the HP-80, the HP-92 included bond price and yield, but it added call price, coupon amount, and issue, settlement and maturity dates. Also new were Internal Rate of Return calculations, and switches to select 365 or 360 day year calculations and begin/end of period payments.
The HP-92 had a large amount of storage space. There were 20 general purpose registers (0-9 and .0-.9), 10 separate dedicated summation registers, and the dedicated financial registers.

Printer Functions

The printer was controlled by a three position sliding switch. The positions were:
  • Man: The printer remained idle except when the user invoked a print function.
  • All: The printer printed each number entered, each function and each result.
  • Norm: Like All, but the printer didn't print each result. Useful when doing long chain calculations.
In addition, there were a number of keys dedicated to printing:
  • Print x: Printed the X register.
  • List SUM: Printed the 10 summation registers.
  • List Stack: Printed the four level stack.
  • List Reg: Printed the 20 general registers.
  • List Finance: Printed the financial registers.
The HP-92 was based largely on 20 Series technology. In addition, it added LED drivers for the larger display, and a new Printer Interface Control & Keyboard buffer circuit (PICK). Unlike the handhelds, the desktop machines used a light feeling keyboard well suited for rapid data entry on the desktop.
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