Saturday, December 14, 2013


We just acquired these fabulous antique sterling silver Russian candlesticks from a descendent of the original family who purchased them before the turn of the 19th century!  
The beauty and quality of these candleholders echo a bygone era when craftsman were artists and time was taken to make wonderful heirloom quality pieces.
These candlesticks feature three-dimensional grape vines and beautiful leafy repoussé designs.
They were made in 1885 and clearly bear the silversmith's hallmark of Teodor Warner and Sons who lived in Minsk.
They were made in the Victorian age which was transitioning to Art Nouveau. Elements of both styles can be found within these beauties.  The assayer's mark is of Josef Sosnkowski whose office was in Warsaw/Bapwasa. These are 124 years old and in surprisingly good condition standing tall and straight at 11 1/2 inches. There are small dings around the top edges and perhaps elsewhere that are well hidden within the ornamentation. These candlesticks exude old world charm and would be a magnificent addition on a well appointed dining room table!

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  1. Lovely! That’s stunning collection of sterling silver candlesticks.Candlesticks became, quite understandably, less plentiful, and were, as today, solely produced to enhance the ambience of an evening room, especially the dinner table.