Sunday, October 13, 2013


This is an original California artist paintings signed by Karl Albert. It is an oil painting on canvas. It is entitled "Quiet Sentinel" and depicts a California desert landscape in the soft light which is so beloved in the west and southwest including New Mexico and Arizona. image.jpegThere is one large tree in the foreground which is watching over the rest with distant mountains in the background. image.jpeg
The artist's use of color and light is very professional. Karl Albert was born in 1911 and started painting in the 1930s. He is best known for his plein air impressionistic California landscapes. This painting is a great example of his style! It would highlight any Californian, Western or Southwest home! The actual  painting measures 24 x 36" and is in a larger double frame.
There is the original artist painted frame and then another larger ornate frame. Both will be included. image.jpeg
It is artist signed on the lower left. As you can see from the back, there are no holes or tears in the canvas.image.jpeg

I have provided information below about another painting by Karl Albert which is very similar in subject (it may even be the same tree at a different angle) yet it is smaller in size and was painted on Masonite board instead of canvas. As you can see, in 2009 it's sold for $8500 at auction which is typically a wholesale price. This one can be bought at a fraction of the cost!

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