Saturday, December 14, 2013

Authentic Civil War Stadia Sight
We have an original Civil War Stadia Sight!  This is the "holy grail" of Civil War collectibles, especially if they are interested in artillery or sharp-shooting.
They were used by Civil War soldiers in both artillery and cavalry divisions. These pieces of equipment were state of the art technology at the time and very hard to come by, so they would very often be given as highly prized gifts to exceptional snipers by their commanding generals and would otherwise be issued to commanders of artillery batteries for the determination of the range to the enemy targets. This particular piece was owned by Captain P.C. Nelson of Ohio. It is in absolutely pristine condition, with all the small parts (small screws, cord termination beads etc.) still intact! It is made of solid brass and marked at the top "US Stadia" and that the bottom "Frankford Arsenal". The reverse bears the maker's Mark "Geo. W. Simons & Bro. Mfrs Phila". This exceptional civil war artifact is being offered with the original Nelson 19th century family album full of photographs including two of the good Captain Nelson (one in uniform, the other in dress clothes). Also included as an additional bonus are several Civil war era daguerreotype / tintype photos from the same family with handwritten names identifying the sitters.  All these items were acquired from a descendant of Captain Nelson. They had stayed in the original family all these decades and are fresh to the market. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I don't think you will find another Stadiometric Rangefinder Sight with better provenance.  It is fit for a museum!

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