Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stangl Pottery, Vintage Stangl birds collection just into our antiques m...

Stangl Pottery birds collection just into our antiques mall from a local retired resident. These vintage American pottery pieces are amazing from a company that has been producing fine pottery since the 1800's. Most of these pieces are in great condition and were well cared for by the original owner. Please take a moment to watch our Stangl videos to help better see the items we are listing to eBay and contact us with any questions. Please also see our Stangl Pottery Blog!

This is just part of the amazing Stangl Pottery we have in our antiques mall. We also have an extensive collection of antique pottery. See us about free antique appraisals too. We also have over 350 YouTube videos from which you can select for greater visual detail. You can subscribe to our video channel for the latest updates and new items come into our antiques mall.


  1. What a dream! I have been collecting Stangl for about 5 years now but in times have had to sell also. I would love to come to your place and look around. Beautiful Birds!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! The Stangl pieces are great especially the birds. We've received even more Stangl Pottery since we made this blog post. If you get the chance to visit our antiques mall in Fort Myers, Florida please do.