Saturday, June 29, 2013


Just in at Gannon's Antiques Mall… A huge and fabulous antique sterling silver flatware set made by one of the foremost silversmiths of all time, Georg Jensen, in the elegant acanthus pattern which was designed by Johan Rhode in 1917.  
This incredible set features 13 sterling silver flatware pieces per guest with enough to serve 12 guests plus 22 serving pieces!

Over the decades, pieces have been added to make this a tremendous 178 piece set! Everything is in very good condition and there are no monograms on any pieces.
There are 3 varying Georg Jensen hallmarks.

This service for 12  is still stored in the original labled Georg Jensen custom fitted flatware keepsake trays. Obviously, it was passed down from a very wealthy estate. This is the first time it is available to the public since it was originally acquired! A true estate treasure!
We also acquired her family's beautiful S. Kirk & Son five piece sterling silver repousse tea set with the matching repoussé sterling silver tray and 24 sterling silver S. Kirk & Son matching repoussé goblets!

This exquisite Georg Jensen flatware set includes the following pieces…
12 dinner knives                   9 7/8 inches             85g total weight   

12 dinner forks                     7 7/8                        60g  

12 luncheon knives              7 7/8                        57g total weight

12 luncheon forks                 6 5/8                       39g

12 fish/salad forks                6 5/8                        44g

12 dessert forks                    6                              30g  total weight

12 cocktail forks                  6 1/4                         25g
(2 with barbed tines)

12 fish knives (solid)           8 1/4                         48g

12 butter knives                   6 3/4                         33g  total weight

12 round soup spoons         6 5/8                         48g

12 teaspoons                       7                               40g

12 dessert spoons                5 5/8                         27g

12 Demitasse spoons          3 3/4                         10g


Fish Serving set.  One large pierced fork                 10 inches      122 g
Fish Serving set.  One matched flat server               11 inches       133g

One large casserole ladle                                          9 inches        119g

Large 4 prong serving fork                                         9 1/2             118g

One gravy/sauce ladle with side spouts                        8                 69g

Salad serving set.  One oval bowl spoon                    8 1/8             67g

Salad serving set    4 prong fork                                  8 1/8             78g

One cake knife                                                             8 7/8             71g   
One sugar shovel spoon                                               4 1/4             24g

Two cheese knives                                                      7 1/2           60g total weight

One large two-pronged cold meat fork                        9 inches       60g total weight

One medium two-pronged cold meat fork (solid)            8 inches         47g
One Butter knife (solid blade weighted handle)           6 inches     35g total weight  
1 additional small spoon for serving                              5 5/8           26g

One short round berry spoon                                          4 1/8           22g

Two 3-prong seafood forks                                            5 5/8           25g

One small 2 prong cocktail fork                                     4 3/4           16g

Serving set - spoon                                                       7 3/4           65g total weight

Serving set - fork                                                          7 3/4           62g total weight

One small oval serving spoon                                        6 3/4           54g

* All measurements and weights are approximate and per each individual item.  Total weight means the item has a mix of sterling silver and stainless.

Gannon's Antiques Mall is always actively seeking fine sterling silver for our customers. You can search our extensive website or find us on YouTube with over 350 videos. Or friend  us on Facebook and see the latest items as they come in our Antique store. The inventory constantly changes

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