Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This heavily carved solid wood African door is a work of art! It was once a door to a chieftain's home or a large cupboard or armoire and now should be hung on a wall and exhibited as art. The carvings look both primitive and modern in their clean and simple lines. The array of figures is astonishing! There is a line of dancers wearing antelope masks. There are women pounding grain. and other figures sawing, perhaps. There are also Alligators, and storks. We wouldn't want to forget the of which has the movable latch running under his belly. And these are just some of the carvings! There's a man on horseback and several couples plus more! It measures approximately 73 inches from tip to tip and 32 inches across. What a great piece of unique artwork that will highlight any room!

We have a large selection of African Art in our huge Antiques Mall.

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