Thursday, April 25, 2013

Antique Molinari & Sons Antique Barrel Organ Grinder

This is a really fun and unique organ that just came into our antiques mall today. It was passed down through a local retired resident's family. It was her grandfather's, who was an actual organ grinder that used to walk the streets in New York and played this organ with his pet monkey.
This carrying style barrel organ music box was made by G. Molinari and Sons who were manufacturers of carousel organs in Brooklyn, New York. This is a 6 song, 20 note organ that still works today! It still retains the old Molinaro the label onto which is typewritten the name of each song. The label is dated March 23, 1938. The songs are...My Wild Irish Rose, Dixieland, It's a long way to Tipperary, Anchors Aweigh and two others that I can't quite read.
This is a great piece of old New York City history from a bygone era! I've included an old photograph of some organ grinders with the same organ so you can see how it was used.

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Watch our Antique Molinari & Sons Barrel Organ Grinder videos!

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