Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kim Kori sculpture, Original bronze frog statue from our antiques mall at Gannon's Antiques & Art.

Kim Kori bronze frog sculpture
This is a huge bronze sculpture from award winning listed artist Kim Kori. As you can see this bronze statue is extremely large and well detailed. The artist put fine attention into every inch of the gigantic piece. Kim Kori's sculptures combine her love of nature with a touch of magic. It's no wonder why her art is so sought after. This rare bronze frog is one of her largest pieces ever. Come see this unique piece of other fine bronze sculptures in our huge antiques mall at Gannon's Antiques & Art. We also buy bronze art and we buy antiques daily.

Kim Kori sculpture video.

We create videos for many of the treasures we get into our antiques mall. To see more of them go to our Youtube Channel!

You can also see our Facebook album of this Kim Kori bronze frog sculpture! 

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