Thursday, March 28, 2013


We love to get Civil War antiques and antique currency into at our antiques Mall in Fort Myers, Florida.

In this case what I have is a rare and very informative antique book. It was published in 1864 during the Civil War. The book Is titled "Heath's Counterfeit Detector at Sight"
The title page pretty much says it all…
"Heaths infallible counterfeit detector at sight. The only infallible method of detecting counterfeit, spurious, and altered banknotes, and applicable to all banks in the United States and Canada, as now in circulation, or that may be issued.
It was published in Boston by Labann Heath, teacher of counterfeit detecting with A Williams and Company publisher's agents
The purpose of this book was to teach the reader how to detect counterfeit bills of the day. What's interesting now is that those bills are probably as collectible and expensive or maybe even more expensive than the real ones due to it the Rarity and all the time that has elapsed,namely 150 years!
This book would be great for the anyone who collects antique currency should read it! The author gives general principles upon which detection of counterfeit bills is based.
Found inside these pages are detailed descriptions of fine engraving and beautiful pectoral examples
I think it would be hard to be an expert without having read a book on detecting counterfeit currency that was written in the period of the currency that you are collecting. This book is in a really nice condition. The pages are still in tact. The binding is intact. No tears or writing to the pages. It's a great reference tool and a very interesting historical book!
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